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Dear Neighbor,

Here's what $20 a year could do for our community:
    (based on a 2 cent per $100 assessed property value tax)
  • Put lights on Holly Field and Lions' Field.
  • Improve a biking/ hiking trail near LaVale District Park.
  • Activate the existing lights at the LaVale District Park tennis courts.
  • Improve the biking/ hiking trail from Park Street leading to the Swim Club.
  • Hire ground maintenance (4 hrs a week as needed) for LaVale District Park.
  • Possibly fund intersection lights in warranted locations?
  • Install ornamental lighting along National Highway.

Many LaVale residents have suggested these improvements to our community but we donít have sufficient funds to make these possible. In year 2000, our county had over 12,000 children. More than 600 children use Holly Field and Lions' Field. We have lights that arenít being turned on, parks that require routine maintenance, trails that because of their poor condition are being under-utilized, and a main street (National Highway with a daily traffic flow of 16,050 cars) without any identifying characteristics, all because we, as of yet, lack funding. The State Highway Administration has agreed to contribute $307,900 toward installing ornamental lights on National Highway but we canít accept their offer because... we, as of yet, lack funding.

If we donít act now we will lose $307,900.

The LaVale Civic Improvement Association would like you to vote in favor of installing a 2 cent per $100 assessed property value tax to assist in maintaining and improving our community. In dollar amounts, that means that a property owner with a property assessed at $100,000 would pay only $20.00 a year toward our general fund. (Thatís one family meal at McDonalds!) This rate would yield $56,000 a year! Through the concerted efforts of our residents we could maintain and improve our lovely community.

The county will be conducting an opinion poll by card for each registered voter in our district. One letter is being sent to each household which includes a voter, and each voter will receive a card. Your response to this poll will better assist the County Commissioners in assessing LaVale's needs and wants.

To support LaVale residents in making the best decisions for our community the LaVale Civic Improvement Association will be conducting three informative presentations at Cash Valley Elementary School on:

        Saturday, April 2 (2:00 Ė 4:00)
        Thursday, April 7 (7:00 Ė 9:00)
        Saturday, April 9 (2:00 Ė 4:00)

As always, your comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome.

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