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As part of the Streetscape Project, the State Highway Administration presented a generous offer to fund the installation of ornamental lighting fixtures up to $2,500 per fixture.

On December 14, 2004, the Lavale Civic Improvement Association held a meeting to assess LaVale Residentsí interest in the installation of ornamental lighting along US 40 Alt. An informal vote indicated that 90% of the attendees were favorable to the possibility of ornamental lighting.

Ornamental lighting is not intended to light the roadway. It is intended to light the sidewalk. The proposed lighting fixtures direct light downward to minimize the possibility of unwanted light coming into residentsí homes.

Two main categories of lighting options are being proposed; teardrop lights which would be attached to existing utility poles, and ground mounted fixtures which would stand alone. The design elements of these fixtures are similar to the original Victorian poles once found on the trolley track.

Due to cost increases since the planning stage, the plans now are to use ground-mounted fixtures on both sides of the road from Long Drive to Grant Street (next to the Library), and then to use teardrop fixtures on both sides of the road from Grant Street to Campground. There will be 52 ground-mounted fixtures.

The installation cost will be covered by funds from the now disbanded LaVale Zoning Board and from Allegany County. The electricity cost will be paid from interest on LaVale Sanitary Commission investments. Allegheny Power will maintain the lighting fixtures.

While conduits are being installed along with the sidewalks, installation of the lighting fixtures will be the final step in the Streetscape Project.

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