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StreetScape Lights Approved

The County Commissioners and the LaVale Sanitary Commission have an agreement to provide Streetscape lights between Long Drive and Campground Road. The Sanitary Commission will use the interest on their existing funds to provide for lights and maintenance. The County Commissioners will introduce a code law to enable the Sanitary Commission to do so. Once the law is passed the Sanitary Commission will establish a new bank account to receive the interest from their other accounts, and money will be available when the lights are installed.

No new tax will be enacted.

Thank you to all our persistent and progressive neighbors in the LaVale Civic Improvement Association who worked so hard to make this project a success. We extend a special thanks the County Commissioners, County Executive, the LaVale Sanitary Commission, the State Highway Association, and Alleghany Power for their generosity, support, and creativity in seeing such an important project come to a reality.

For a brief overview of this project's goals, see below.
For a visual representation, click on the Landscaping Link above.

The State Highway Administration expects to complete the National Highway Streetscape Project by June 2009. The Project addresses the section from Long Drive to Campground Road. A Task Force including LaVale residents worked with State Highway officials to develop a project which would meet these goals:

Project Goals:

  • Improve traffic flow & accessibility
  • Correct drainage problems within project limits
  • Improve environmental & aesthetic quality within project limits
  • Enhance pedestrian & bicyclist safety

Proposed Remedies:

  • 2 Lane road with center turn lane
  • Consolidate redundant driveways
  • Narrow lanes to calm traffic speeds
  • Add center turning lane (without widening the road)
  • Resurface roadway

  • Close the ditch along the North side of US40
  • Increase capacity of the current drainage system
  • Create a retention facility or perform stream restoration
  • Drainage improvement including Storm Water Management

 Environmental & Aesthetic Quality
  • Plant trees
  • Remove dying trees
  • Install street furniture (benches, trashcans in partnership with local business)
  • Install historical information markers

 Pedestrian & Bicyclist Safety
  • Install 5 foot shoulders designated as Bicycle Routes
  • Install sidewalks on each side on National Highway
  • Install ornamental street lighting -
       (See Projects link for details)
  • Install crosswalks

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