LaVale Civic Improvement Association, Inc.
Wayne Foster, President - Brad Metzger, Vice-President - Ellen Swan, Treasurer - Tina Midgarden, Secretary - Dan Rose, Webmaster
Special Thanks to Agnes Yount for supplying all the content on this page.
Traditionally LaVale was composed of residential areas along and near National Highway. Now LaVale includes these areas, as well as the Sunset View area, residential areas near the school and cemetery on Cash Valley Road, residential areas along Winchester Road, and the business areas. Our community is larger and far less compact than other communities in the county.

LaVale has three taxing districts, established many years ago, for the necessities of fire protection, water and sewer, and rescue. Many years ago, the Winchester Road area was assigned to Cresaptown for fire protection, and the rescue squad follows that boundary. So persons living in the Winchester Road area have ties to both LaVale and Cresaptown.

For twenty years, 1968-1988, LaVale was fortunate to have a community newspaper, The Suburbanite, published several times each year, and distributed to the homes by volunteers, Boy Scouts and others. This helped provide a sense of community. Now perhaps the establishment of the website, www.lavale.org, will help us reestablish that sense of community.

The LaVale Civic Improvement Association began in 1946, when the population of LaVale was beginning to grow rapidly. Our goal is to maintain and improve life in LaVale through the concerted efforts of the residents and property-owners of LaVale. We have five officers which are elected each November for the coming year.

Our association is an agent to the Open Space Program that assists in the maintenance and improvement of our community. We have applied for, and received, funds to improve three public parks; Holly Avenue Recreation Area, Lions Field, and LaVale District Park. Some of our previous involvements include; the establishment of the LaVale Sanitary Commission, the building of Parkside School and Cash Valley Elementary Schools, the building of the LaVale Library, the organization of the LaVale Rescue Squad, the organization the Braddock Run Watershed Partnership, and various highway and traffic improvements.

Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month at the LaVale Baptist Church Pavilion at 7:00 p.m. All residents of LaVale are members and are encouraged to bring their interests and concerns to the attention of our association.

The LaVale Civic Improvement Association exists to provide all LaVale residents with organized representation that promotes projects that will be beneficial to our community. Residents' opinions and participation are welcomed and encouraged.

Agnes Yount Memorial Tribute

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Agnes Yount on Monday September 7th 2020.  Agnes was a longtime resident of LaVale who recently moved to North Carolina, with her husband Ray, to live in retirement near relatives.  True to her private nature, her obituary was short and simple, stating that she was a retired FSU professor, a past member of the LaVale League of Women Voters and a past member of the LaVale Civic Improvement Association (LCIA).

Agnes Yount was so much more.  She served as a dedicated member and then as secretary of the LaVale Civic Improvement Association (LCIA) for as long as anyone can remember, well over 25 years.  She kept meticulous records of both the past and present functions of the LCIA as well as being an excellent source of historical information about LaVale.  Every officer, over the years, looked to Agnes for advice while they were in office.  Agnes regularly attended meetings of the Lavale Sanitary Commission, the Allegany County Board of Commissioners and the LaVale Neighborhood Crime Watch organization.  Agnes would then get important information from these meetings back to the LCIA membership.  She was also a 15 year member as "a citizen at large" of the Allegany County Waste Recycling Board and served as a volunteer at the annual Allegany County Recycling Day at the fairgrounds.

Agnes took great pride in having been involved in projects that benefited the community of LaVale such as the building of Cash Valley Elementary School and the current LaVale Library, the organization of the LaVale Rescue Squad and the Braddock Run Watershed Association, and the development of the National Highway Streetscape project, to name a few.  Always a willing volunteer, as recently as 2019, Agnes took part in work groups helping to clean up the LaVale parks, sweep the sidewalks, weed the gardens and pick up litter along the LaVale Streetscape.

Agnes loved and cared very much about LaVale.  It was her fond wish that more residents, especially the young families, would willingly take part in the future of LaVale to continue to move the community in a strong positive direction.  We've lost a great friend and champion of LaVale.  Thank you Agnes, for your dedication, hard work and caring.  Rest in Peace.

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