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Thank you for visiting the home page of the LaVale Civic Improvement Association. The purpose of this site is to assist in informing and uniting all LaVale residents.  Here, you'll find community links, discussion boards, local information, and current activities.

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All residents of LaVale are members of the LaVale Civic Improvement Association.  Your ideas, talents, and participation will help to Build a Better Life in LaVale.
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Park Place United Methodist Church
80 National Hwy
LaVale Md. 21502
To:      LaVale Civic Improvement
Date:   May 2024
130 yr. Anniversary Committee: Mary Ann Barb, Barb Jewell, Bill Jewell, Tammy Ullery, Sandy Largent, Gary Barb, Richard Matlick
One Hundred Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration of Park Place Church in LaVale Md.
The congregation of Park Place Church would like to invite you to attend and participate in the activities schedule for our "130th Anniversary Celebrations," scheduled on July 17, 20 and 21, 2024.  Rain or shine!
July 17th – 
Actual  birthday celebration will consist of a re-dedication of the birth of the church - July 17, 1894.
11 AM to 1 PM
United States Flag Raising Ceremony and Invocation
Presentations from invited guest – to be determined.
July 20th – 
Open  House
All  welcome
10 AM to 2 PM
United States Flag Raising Ceremony and Invocation
Outside activities, games etc.
Free Food
Church tours to include information on church history and stained glass windows.
July 21st – 
Sunday  Service – 11 AM - Dedicated to Park Place Church history.
Special Music
Guest speakers
Social time
Snack luncheon
All events will have included on the guest list, the following:
UMC District Superintendent: Rev John Wunderlich and guest
Area local churches
Boy Scout Troop 10
Allegany County Commissioners
Three local radio stations
Cumberland Times newspaper
Allegany Magazine
Allegany Area Historical Association
LaVale Civic Improvement Org.
Md. State Police, LaVale Barracks Commander
Allegany County Sheriff
Allegany County Md and Maryland Roads Departments
Cumberland City Mayor
Questions and RSVP's need to be sent to Richard Matlick, at rdmatlick@yahoo.com or Text to 301 697 8858
God Bless
Richard Matlick, Chairman Park Place UMC Administration Bd.
Alan Whitworth, Pastor

June 24, 2024

LaVale Library Volunteer Request for Pollinator Garden Help

Nearly two years after the completion of the LaVale Library renovation project, not all original plantings have survived.  This spring and summer, I've been working to enhance the landscaping around the water remediation areas on the library grounds, with special attention to planting native species.  With the successs of the bird watching area, I'm continuing to add plantings that not only beautify the landscaping, but attract the butterflies, bees, and birds that are so beneficial.  In doing so, I've discovered extremely poor soil quality.  After researching options, I'm requesting monetary assistance to purchase mushroom mulch from Ebyland in Cumberland, MD.  Mushroom mulch is $30.00/cubic yard.  The delivery fee for their small truck is $60.00.  The truck holds 10 cubic yards of mulch, which would be an ample amount for the first stage of my pollinator garden project, for a total of $360.  The mushroom mulch will be spread around the tops of the water remediation areas where I've already planted perennials, as well as where I plan to plant in the future, which will improve the soil, increase water retention, and help reduce weeds.

If approved, a check can be made to the Allegany County Library System, with "mushroom mulch" in the subject line.  The library will be happy to provide a copy of the receipt for this order.

Please feel free to contact me, Kate Metzger (library employee, volunteer gardener), with any further questions at 301.268.5576.

Upcoming Meeting – July 22nd

The LaVale Civic Improvement Association (LCIA), in conjunction with the Braddock Run Watershed Association, will hold a general business and planning meeting on Monday July 22nd, at 6:30 PM, in meeting room "B" of the LaVale Library, 815 National Highway.

There will be a review of completed and ongoing projects and, as always, we welcome your comments and ideas to improve our LaVale community.

If you have any questions, or for more information about the two organizations, please call 301-697-1141 or email lcia21502@gmail.com.

All residents and property owners of LaVale are members of the LaVale Civic Improvement Association, so if you're out and about Monday evening please stop by.

Hello LCIA Members,

Are you a dog lover?  If so, the LaVale Civic Improvement Association (LCIA) is looking for volunteers interested in being on a committee to explore the possibility of having a local dog park here in LaVale, MD.  The committee will be responsible for surveying the need for a dog park, the location, and establishing the cost, etc.

If interested, please email the LCIA at lcia21502@gmail.com for additional details or to be added to the volunteers' list.

Wayne D. Foster
LCIA President

LaVale Volunteers Pay Tribute to Tina Midgarden
Oct. 26, 2023
LCIA Executive Committee Members, March 2023 - Photo By Antoinette Royster

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Tina Jo Midgarden on Monday, Oct. 9, at the age of 73.  Tina was born in Cumberland on Dec. 27, 1949, to the late James E. Midgarden and Helen M. Midgarden.  She was the oldest of their five children.  After graduating from Olympus High School, she attended the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she earned her degree in elementary education in 1971.

Upon moving from Salt Lake City to LaVale, Tina worked at and helped to open the JoAnn Fabrics store in LaVale Plaza.  She also began teaching at various schools in our Appalachia Mountains region.  Tina and Paul "Pete" Rose focused on her love of handmade crafts, and they opened the Magnolia Rustique Craft Shop in Cumberland.

In January and September 1996, Tina started attending meetings about the damaging floods that were happening in LaVale.  By 2005, the Braddock Run Watershed Association had formed, with Tina as a charter member.  After her retirement in 2015 from Hunter Douglas, Tina also began attending the meetings of the LaVale Civic Improvement Association prior to the two organizations merging their meetings.  Then, in 2019, she along with several other volunteers accepted a position on the civic association board to provide leadership and rejuvenate the association as other long-serving officers retired.  Tina served as secretary from May 2019 and remained an active member of both associations until her death.

Always a willing volunteer, Tina took part in work groups helping to clean up the LaVale parks, sweep the sidewalks, weed the gardens and pick up litter along the LaVale streetscape.  Her creativity with handcrafts for holidays was superb.  Not only were her decorations amazing in her office while working at Hunter Douglas, but her home as well.  Halloween was Tina's favorite holiday.  For many years, with the help of her loving son – Daniel Rose – she would always set up a complex "haunted porch" to delight the neighborhood trick-or-treaters at her home in LaVale.

Tina loved and cared very much about LaVale.  It was her fond wish that more residents, especially the young families, would willingly take part in the future of LaVale to continue to move the community in a strong positive direction.  We've lost a great friend and champion of LaVale.  Thank you, Tina, for your dedication, hard work and caring.  Rest in peace!

LaVale Civic Improvement Association


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