LaVale Civic Improvement Association, Inc.
Wayne Foster, President - Brad Metzger, Vice-President - Ellen Swan, Treasurer - Tina Midgarden, Secretary - Dan Rose, Webmaster
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The goal of the LaVale Civic Improvement Association is to maintain and improve life in LaVale through the concerted efforts of the residents and property-owners of LaVale.  We accomplish this through monthly meetings, fund drives, and utilizing Program Open Space.

Meetings are held March to November on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the LaVale Library, which is located at 815 National Highway in LaVale.  All residents of LaVale are members and are encouraged to bring their interests and concerns to the attention of our association.

Our Fund Drive is conducted yearly by mailing donation requests to all LaVale residents.  Households and businesses have supported our efforts.  We greatly appreciate all donations.

The Program Open Space (POS) is a national program that provides funds for Maryland state and local parks and conservation areas.  Monies are awarded for approved projects only after they have been paid for by the community and only at a rate of 90% of the full cost.  The 10% remaining balance is the responsibility of the community.  The LCIA acts as an agent with the county, for the "Open Space Program," to obtain grants and/or funding to complete community projects.  The procedure for applying is very detailed and specific.  For more information about POS visit

Click on the links above (Recent Accomplishments, Ongoing Responsibilities, Current Activities, and Ornamental Lighting) for a more detailed account of some specific projects.

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