LaVale Civic Improvement Association, Inc.
William Kight, President - Wayne Foster, First V-P - Brad Metzger, Second V-P - Dorothy Kight, Treasurer - Tina Midgarden, Secretary - Dan Rose, Webmaster
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In June 2005, playground equipment was installed at Holly Avenue Recreation Area.

Listed below are some of our accomplishments since 2000:

The LaVale Civic Association
is involved in the operation of three county-owned parks;
Lions Field, Holly Avenue Recreation Area, and LaVale District Park.

Lions Field

2001Bridge to play area
2002Storage shed with gravel pad
2004Improved walking trail
2004Playground equipment and installation
2006Paving of parking area
 ($3,615 contribution from LaVale Lions Club)

2007 Replaced park sign

Holly Avenue Recreation Area

2001Paved basketball court
2004Storage shed
 (cost of delivery and permits paid by LaVale Athletic Assoc.)
2004Graveled parking lot

Installed playground equipment

2007 Replaced park sign

LaVale District Park

2002Installation of water line
2004Roofing of storage building and tennis court pavilion
2004Repair of tennis court lights



Repaving of entry road

Other local projects include:

2001Application for 501 (c) 3 status; approved
2003Paid for 50% of two lawnmowers for athletic fields
2003Contributed to Braddock Run Watershed Partnership
2004Paid for 50% of new sign on Natíl Hwy
 for LaVale Park and the LaVale Swim Club
2005Established this website
2007Contributed $7,000 to LaVale Library
 for air-conditioning in the meeting room

2007 2007  Encouraged Allegany County to establish a trailhead for the Allegheny Highlands Trail at Cash Valley Road (done in 2008)
2007 Encouraged Allegany County to demolish a building and improve a property at One National Highway (done in 2009 with Program Open Space)

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